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Mrs. Moreno-Hilburn focuses on the stages of getting organized and the resolution when it comes to being organized. Covering topics ranging from how to handle holidays, to Real-Estate staging.
Rosa offers a strong and informed point of view, backed by a genuine concern for people. She is committed to giving you the tools you need when it comes to Getting Organized for your day to day differences and your long term success!

So, if you're searching for the solution of your dreams or struggling with a disorganized environment at home or office, you once thought was dreamy, Virgo Organize Interiors can help you in getting it back and the information you need to be happy !

We can make your home look like a model home with items that you already have?

Before Master Bedroom

After Master Bedroom

Other Services

1. Packing - Too hard to get around and pack on your own? Let us professionally pack up your belongings, unclutter at the same time, which then your home becomes professionally staged which will sell for more & much faster.

2. Internet and Estate Sales management -  Downsizing & Need Help Selling Your Belongings? - we can take care of your downsizing needs and at the same time put money back in your pocket!

Another Fine Stagging Job
by: Virgo Organize Interiors

Swan House

Wishing You A Very Organized 2016!



Hint of the Month


“ This Custom of removing your footwear before entering this home has many benefits

  1. It makes for a much quieter environment, without all kinds of footgear clanging around.

  2. It makes for a much cleaner home, as you leave the dirt, grease, rocks of the outside world where it belongs….outside.

  3. It puts everybody at their real height and does away with all this 4-inch heel intimidation.

  4. It provides a sensuality in walking about that the hard soles of a shoe deny you.

  5. It lets your feet breathe.

  6. It gives you a chance to show off your socks……a part of your dress wear that seldom gets seen otherwise.

  7. You can tell who is already in the house by giving the shoes outside a quick once-over, thereby avoiding contact with a person(s) you may want to avoid. I could continue, but I think you get the point”


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All photos by Rosa L. Moreno

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After Image

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